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Title Organisation Projektpartner Förderer Laufzeit von Laufzeit bis
Implementation of the National Biosafety Mechanism in the Kyrgyz Republic in accordance with the Cartagena Food and Agriculture Organization
GEF Trust Fund
Strengthening Responses to Security Risks from Climate Change in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia OSCE 2018 2024
Uzbekistan Resilient Landscapes Restoration Project State Committee on Forestry World Bank 2022 2028
Regional Technical Platform on Green Agriculture FAO Regional Office for Europe, and Central Asia (REU), and GESPLAN; SILVANET Research Groups of the Technical University of Madrid, Spain Technical University of Madrid
Strengthening national-level institutional and professional capacities of country Parties towards enhanced UNCCD monitoring and reporting – GEF 7 EA Umbrella II UNDP GEF Trust Fund 2022
Global Biodiversity Framework Early Action Support (Global 10) UNDP GEF Trust Fund 2022
Promotion of new demonstration technologies for solar-powered irrigation and practices of rational water use on subsident loess soils to obtain sustainable livelihoods for local communities at the Kirov Station site in the village of A. Dustov in the Hale Public Organization Water users association Nakhri Dusti SGP Currently under execution
"Establishment of Almond Varieties Plantation " SGP Currently under execution
"Initiative For Climate Smart Supply Chains (I4C) (Call for Proposals) " GIZ BMZ 2022 2025