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In mid-October, the representatives of the ApocynumTex project started in July 2021, visited two partner countries. The program included two kick-off meetings with its partners from KazNU (Almaty) as well as IICAS and the Ministry of Innovative Development of Karakalpakstan (Nukus).

In conjunction with project arrangements, CASIB took two field trips to observe and identify the suitable locations for growing the Apocynum.

The purpose of the project is to find out whether fiber plant Apocynum is fit to serve as an alternative to cotton.

The fact that Apocynum (Red Kendyr) grows as a wild plant in the Aral Sea region speaks for its ability to adapt to the highly continental climate conditions of that area. It also consumes significantly less water than, e.g., cotton, and is able to use the salty groundwater of Aral Sea soil.

In the effort of testing the crude fiber quality, the wild Apocynum was taken to be examined in Germany. Moreover, the project plans to explore other possibilities for cultivation, ecological effects and the development of harvesting and processing technologies.

The plant cultivation may contribute to the economy of the rural Aral Sea region and at the same time improve the ecological conditions through saving water and protecting against wind erosion. To find out more, read:

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