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Kazakh-German University (DKU) is planning to set up a “Mangystau School of Sustainable Engineering” at the Yessenov University in Aqtau in the context of one of the world's largest planned project measures for the production of green hydrogen by the Svevind Group of companies ( in the Mangystau region.

CASIB zu Gast an der Yessenov Universität in Aqtau (12.-14.02.2023)

This results in numerous cooperation potentials for BMBF-funded projects and project partners. CASIB took the opportunity to inform the participants (Svevind Group of companies (, German Embassy in Astana, GIZ Office for Hydrogen Diplomacy, HAW Hamburg, TU Berlin, HS Anhalt, Yessenov University, German Kazakh University, regional administration) the BMBF funding measure "International Research Cooperation On Green Hydrogen" (… ) as well as concrete project activities (GreeHyReCa – Reiner Lemoine Institute) and to promote cooperation between them.

CASIB zu Gast an der Yessenov Universität in Aqtau (12.-14.02.2023)

(Image Source: Yessenov University)